Adamson-Spalding Storybook Garden

On June 8, 2017, the Adamson-Spalding Storybook Garden was unveiled on the southeast lawn of the Abilene Convention Center with thousands of people in attendance, including the family of late artist Garth Williams. The family traveled to Abilene from Mexico and took part in the ribbon cutting and in the weekend’s festivities during the Children’s Art & Literacy Festival.

The Williams family authorized five sets of sculptures for the garden depicting some of Garth’s most iconic characters from best-selling books “Charlotte’s Web,” “Stuart Little,” and the popular Little Golden Book “Three Bedtime Stories.” From that book, sculptures were created of “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Three Little Kittens” and “The Three Bears.” Garth Williams was the most revered illustrator of his generation, and these works will be a permanent part of his legacy and Abilene’s cultural landscape.

The garden now includes “Good Night Dinosaur,” a storybook sculpture dedicated in 2016, and has room for future sculptures to be installed. New bronze pieces are added to the Storybook Sculpture Project by the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council each year during the CALF festival based on the work of the artist on exhibit that summer at the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature in downtown Abilene.

If you go…

The garden is free to tour year round.

The garden is lit at night.

The garden is handicap accessible.

The garden is pet friendly, but please keep your pet on a leash and pick up after it.

If you want to reserve the garden for a special occasion, please email





See a full list of sculptures in the garden and throughout downtown commissioned by the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council for the Storybook Sculpture Project.

 Landscape Architect


Mitch Wright

Mitch Wright grew up in Abilene and has been practicing landscape architecture for 30 plus years, most recently with his company, Vista Planning & Design. The philosophy surrounding all of Vista’s work is finding the right balance between connecting with the community involved with the project, thoughtful environmental stewardship, tied together with high quality design. Mr. Wright’s practice spans a very broad spectrum of services and projects from small scale landscape architecture, to city comprehensive planning. In addition to the storybook garden, Mr. Wright also designed the 2019 expansion at Dyess Memorial Park at Dyess Air Force Base.



Naming of the Garden
W.B. & Sadie L. Adamson
Dick & Kaye Spalding

Storybook Sculptures
Charlotte & Wilbur – Betty Crowe
Stuart Little – T & T Family Foundation/Lale & B.J. Estes and Bob & Peggy Beckham
The Three Little Pigs – Joe Hawkins & Kaye Price-Hawkins/Priceless Literacy
The Three Bears – Patti L. Jones, Jay & Lindsay Hardaway and the AVJ Foundation
The Three Little Kittens – Joyce Truitt Geis

Spaces & Places
In honor of Julia Jones Matthews, Generosity Path: Dodge Jones Foundation, Kickapoo Springs Foundation, Legett Foundation
Jack & Joy Ramsey, Gratitude Grove
Hendrick Health System, Charlotte & Wilbur’s Stage
Darrel Knight & Dee Ann Knight, Generation Hill
Seymour & Gay Beitscher, Charlotte & Wilbur’s Devotion Hill
Chester & Donna Dougherty, Stuart Little’s Kindness Knoll
Ralph & Jill Heaven, Three Bears’ Respect Hill
Randy & Susan Piersall/Piersall Funeral Home, Three Little Pigs’ Perseverance Hollow
Billye Proctor Shaw & Glynn Ray, Three Little Kittens’ Responsibility Knoll
Julia Jones Matthew Family Trust

Garden Enhancements
Abilene Arts Alliance: Sculpture lighting
City of Abilene
Abilene Southwest Rotary Club – Trees
Darrin & Terri Black/Black Plumbing
Bunkley Electric
Continental Cut Stone
Dyess We Care Team
Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, Inc.
Estate of Garth Williams
John & Tina Hunter: Generation Tree
Hunter’s Texas Stone
Ingram Concrete
Jeff Luther Construction Co.
J.H. Strain & Sons
Bruce Kreitler/Broken Willow Tree Service
Lauren Engineers & Constructors
Troy & Carla Limbaugh
Starks Construction
Texas Commission on the Arts
Union Pacific Railroad

Minor & Lexi Alexander
Dr. Seth Ardoin in honor of the Ardoin-Felix Family

In honor of Harwell & Carolyn Barber – The Stephen Barber Family

Lee, Callie & Carrie Hampton
Rob & Julie Beckham
Gay Beitscher in honor of Sheri Lyn McNeill
Nancy & Jay Capra
Citizens Bank
Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Cole in honor of The Cole Grandchildren
Jackie & Bart Cox
Jason & Leila Darby
Kim & Jay Miers in honor of Brooke & Ayden Miers
Jane & Bob Milstead
Dee Moore
Kathy & Phil Morehead
Dr. H.M. & Diana Richert
Carl & Lynn Roeder in honor of Brook & Ethan Andrus Family, Callie & Austin Roeder, Katelin & Harrison Roeder
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Senter/The Senter Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Senter/Senter Realtors
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sitzes in honor of the Sitzes Grandchildren, Our Treasures
Phillip, Susan & Peter Tippen in honor of Forrest Wade & Minnie Alice Tippen
Will & Kaely Tippen
Jimmy Tittle
Rich & Trish Trifilo in honor of the Trifilo children & grandchildren
Jeremy & Erin Walker in honor of Emmeline & Ellis Walker
Steve & Chris Faehnle
Russell & Beverly Guthrie
Kaye Price-Hawkins and Joe Hawkins
Bill & Carol Haynes
Marilyn & Conway Jordan
Bill Libby
Ralph & Pat McCleskey
Jud Powell
Billye Proctor-Shaw & Glynn Ray
Allan & Linda Frizzell

Generation Tree Leaves
GOLD Leaves
The Donna Albus Family
Donna Albus in honor of the Mat & Lillian Rae Verhalen Family
Tracy Arnold in honor of K.O. & Marilyn Long
Dr. Laura Bennett in honor of Jordyn Perry and Kai Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Darrin Black in honor of Kodie Marie Sutterfield
Maverick Keith Black
Hayden Wells Black
Presley Marie Black, Xeric J. Washington and Austin Alexander Black
Leroy Bolt in honor of Lynn Barnett
Anna Brazzel in honor of Abilene Star Chorus
Lou & Robert Briley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Briley in honor of Zach and Parker Briley
David & Pat Burris
Bob & Donna Carter
Susie Cassle in honor of Claire Nicole Cassle and James Michael Cassle
Karyn Ching in honor of Karl Ching and Kevin Ching
Carla Copher-Robinson in honor of Kayla Copher
Mr. & Mrs. Vic Corley in honor of Cason Corley
The Dahl Family
Ruby Jo Day in honor of Marsha Jane Day
Rosanna and Clifford DePrang
Mr. & Mrs. Tate Drysdale in honor of Konnor Keith Rose and Liam Edward Rose
Mr. & Mrs. David Durham in honor of Adele Durham, Andrew Durham, Zoie Frasee and Dutch Frasee
Lauren Edwards in honor of Harrison Jeffrey Edwards and Carter Robert Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ferguson in honor of Elaine M. Ferguson
Dr. Hector Garcia in honor of Nathaniel Garcia, Nehuiah Garcia and Nikolai Garcia
June Estes in honor of Dr. John L. Estes Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Frizzell in honor of Jack Allan Flores, Caroline Flores and Tad Flores
The Larry & Mary Gill Family
Robert Gillette in honor of Trey & Anna Gillette
Beverly Guthrie in honor of Bill & Alice Wright and Trevor & Scout
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Haught in honor of MasterScapes, Inc.
Dan & Kathy Haught
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Heaven
Doug Hodel in honor of Stella Ray Espina
Mr. & Mrs. Theron Holladay in honor of Robert Holladay
Trudy Jacques in honor of Kate Addison Soto
Austin & Susan King
Dr. & Mrs. Austin King in honor of Dyess We Care Team
Penny Klostermann
Ken Liles Family
John C. Lineweaver Family
Mr. & Mrs. K.O. Long in honor of Griffin and Reese Arnold and Bennett and Hudson Long
Mr. & Mrs. Jess Madison in honor of Ryleigh Ann Green
Elizabeth Martin in honor of Rylan Andrew Martin and Lillian Kate Martin
Dr. & Mrs. Rocky McAdams in honor of Brinley McAdams and Cason McAdams
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph McCleskey in honor of Paige Sundberg, Lola Zvolanek and Emily Sundberg
Dee Moore in honor of Grayson Allen and Ian McDonald
Phil & Kathy Morehead
Mace Moreland in honor of Colt Taylor Moreland
Brian Murray in honor of Ethan Michael Murray
Mark Phelan in honor of Elizabeth Rose Phelan
Billye Proctor Shaw in honor of Canon Cavazos, Missy Blackwell, Dylan Proctor, Colton Proctor, Gigi Munoz, Stephen Munoz, Caroline Cleveland, Sam Proctor, Miranda Proctor, Mia Proctor, Simret Proctor, Makeda Proctor, Kimberly Proctor
Cathy Rawlins in honor of Linda Kaye Davis and Cathy Rawlins
Joseph Roberts in honor of Keaton and Kaylye Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Roeder in honor of Carol & Lynn Roeder and Joe & Lauren Roder
Mrs. Alex Russell in honor of Alex Terrell Russell, Symantha Blair Terrell and Brooklynn Elizabeth Conger
Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Sanford in honor of Susan Lynn Sanford Johnson
The Shahane Family
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sitzes in honor of Huck Sitzes
Susan Steele in honor of Nicholas Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Stover in honor of Eydie Stover and Gavin Stover
Phillip & Pam Tippen
Jamie Villegas in honor of Drew Herdman
The Sam Vinson Family
Dr. & Mrs. James D. Webster
Dr. Larry Wolz
Dr. Larry R. Wolz in honor of NCCIL Artists and NCCIL Founders
Jan & George Woodward

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Batts in honor of Randol Michal Batts, Judith Elizabeth Batts, Memphis Talley Batts, Hannah Catherine Batts and Jennifer Marie Batts
Mr. & Mrs. Downing Bolls in honor of Lavender Jane Young and Violet Elizabeth Young
Colette Bradsby in honor of Jeannine and Hermann Barron
Vickie Haney Burdine in honor of Cecil N. Cannon
C. Haney Cannon and Vickie Haney Burdine
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Evans in honor of Luci Finn
Sophie Finn, Evan Finn
Caleb Hall
Joshua Hall
Daniel Hall
Morgan Hall
Matthew Hall
Christopher Hall
Jackson Leggett
Laura Leggett
Grace Winsett
Reagan Winsett and Dexter Winsett
The Girón Family
Jeff & Lisa Goolsby in honor of Davis and Norah Goolsby
Cathy & Dwain Hennessey
Jim & Diane Hunt in honor of Louis Anthony Hixon and Anders William Hunt
Dr. & Mrs. Austin King in honor of Helen Adair King, Lewis & Heidi King and Martha Jourdan King
Mr. & Mrs. George Nichols in honor of Ellison Hart Nichols, Garrison Hart Nichols and Jackson Alton Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Simmons in honor of Deborah Judah “Nandy”
Kathy & Charlie Taylor in honor of Pat “Mimi” Forton
Rich & Trish Trifilo in honor of Alexander Mruzik, Griffin Trifilo and Connor Mruzik
Charles Heaven
Annabelle Kirkpatrick
Georgia Catherine Hunt
Brett Patrick Kersemeier
Connor James Kersemeier
Hannah Elizabeth Kersemeier
Austin Presley Starck
Elijah Donald Loomis
Madeline Claire Lowry
Jack Henry Lowry
Emma Caroline Lowry
Catherine Clarke Lane
Petra G. Villarreal
Jo Ellen Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. Anderson
Pamela Christoferson
Bernetta Jean Clay
Ellie Sitzes
Elah Jowers

GREEN Leaves
Violetta Baddour, MD
Dr. Violeta Baddour in honor of David L. Stevens and Emil David Baddour
Anna Brazzel in honor of Ashley Fenton, Joshua Fenton and William Fenton
Kristi Brokaw in honor of Mona “Mumsie” Jones
Mr. & Mrs. John Casada in honor of Carolyn Casada
Sharon Cochran in honor of Thomas Cochran
The Chevalier/Torres Family
Mr. & Mrs. Vic Corley in honor of Nash Corley
Mr. & Mrs. John Crowe in honor of Sidney Crowe and Mia Crowe
Mary Frost in honor of Caroline Rose Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Goates in honor of Archie M. Carr
Robert & Gayle Gray in honor of Bill & Alice Wright
Gary Mack Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Hall in honor of Carol Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Hammond in honor of Wilma Marshall
W.D. Hargesheimer in honor of Emily Hargesheimer and Beau Hargesheimer
Cathy Hennessey in honor of Oliver and Jude Hennessey and Hannah
Jackson, and Trevor Pickle
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hunter in honor of Kaitlyn Callaway
Stetson Callaway
Shiloh Callaway
Troy Randal Doran
Emma Doran
Aliyah Jowers
Micah Jowers
Josiah Jowers
Lilah Jowers
Baby Jowers
Sammy Jones
Lucy Jane Tippen
Samuel Tippen and Henry Tippen
JuliAnne Huston in honor of Don & Sheila Hilton
Dr. & Mrs. Austin King in honor of Kathryn “Katy” King, Austin Noble Stockstill, Blake Daniel Stockstill and Rhodes Lewis King
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Lambert in honor of Shirley Howeth
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Lancaster in honor of Shepherd and Hooper Lancaster and Jack and Jet Lancaster
George & Sidney Levesque in honor of Julia Michelle Levesque
Kyle McAlister in honor of Maggie Sue & Macy
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn McWilliams in honor of Garrett M. Davis Jr., Margaret D. Davis, Colby S. Pettus and Lucea C. Pettus
Carol Newberry in honor of Rebecca McMurray
Samoa Pepper in honor of Savannah Jewel Starck, Molly Katherine Kersemeier, Livia Louise Starck and Noel Sage Kilmain
Susan Pigeon in honor of Ben & Blake Pigeon
Jud Powell in honor of Linda Powell
Carl & Lynn Roeder in honor of Emerson Andrus, Esme Andrus & Eames Andrus
David & Karen Swearingen
The Woodfin Family
William Wright Jr. in honor of Anika Pace, Madison Shaw, David Wright, Will Wright, Zane Peeler and Chase Peeler